A curated life : In conversation with tastemakers and curators of cool

Starting with this post, I bring you a series of conversations with curators who have a strong entrepreneurial streak. These taste-makers curate the newest, most unique experiences across various disciplines of art, design and all things fabulous.

First in the series is a conversation with Aarti Patkar, curator of The Vintage Garden on timeless design & alternative retail

In 30 seconds …

Curator Aarti Patkar in conversation about what makes pop-up shops at The Vintage Garden unique, fabulous and most importantly relevant to both buyers and designers who come to it’s monthly shows held at a beautiful colonial-style bungalow in the heart of Mumbai 

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The Eccentric Teapot : A Design Narrative

A design narrative, the eccentric teapot is the story of teapot’s origin, its journey and evolution.

This evening, just as I was drinking my tea, I read about the most valuable tea pot in the world which according to Guinness Book of World Records is valued at an astounding three million dollars.

The Egoist

I looked at the teapot in a tray in front of me – a lovely specimen of blue and white delft pottery which I recently bought at an artisan shop in Amsterdam – hugely unlike the teapot on my screen which is made wholly of diamonds and rubies and is called “The Egoist” ! Indian-origin British billionaire Mr Nirmal Sethia designed & created this teapot in the loving memory of his late wife. After the initial oohs and aahs, I couldn’t help but wonder why would he call something he made for love an Egoist? Unless he is egoist about the love he had for her … hmmm, that’s very odd indeed. And why is it that Indian men – starting with Emperor Shahjahan – undertake these extraordinary projects after their wives are  dead and gone? Why not now, my dear men, whilst we are still living .. so at least we too can enjoy these wonderful tokens of your love?

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