I love luxury. Sadly, it’s easily misunderstood. More often than not, luxury is associated with flaunting wealth, sometimes anti-socialist sentiments, and other times – to my complete despair – an exaggerated and tacky display of money (think : gold commodes).

 Actually luxury is none of the above.

Luxury in it’s truest form its a life-long pursuit of beauty and knowledge. It is to enjoy the best in life. In my opinion, its a unique combination of personal freedom, a discerning eye and a deep understanding of who we truly are.

The New Meaning of Luxury

In the olden days, access to exquisite objects, knowledge and wealth was restricted. There was a huge divide between those who knew and could afford vs the rest of the people. Luxury at the time was divisive, a play of the privileged classes and confined within a golden halo of exclusivity.

Thankfully in our modern world, lack of access is no longer the case. We have  greater access to both knowledge as well as physical things than ever before. With that luxury ceases to be about privilege.

Having said that, luxury is still luxurious. And it has a price attached to it. The price however in not in dollars or rupees. It is about making a refined choice. A choice to develop a discerning eye. A choice to know why something is genuinely exquisite and when it’s not. Above all, its a choice to define what luxury means to you and living it on your own terms.

It could be a 1,000 dollar bag or it could be brewing yourself a perfect cup of tea every evening and if that means the world’s got to take a break while you drink your chai, well so be it. Luxury is as much about extraordinary objects as it is about meaningful experiences. It is as much about eating at a Parnian dining table as its about eating on the floor from a banana leaf. Till as long it is your choice and you’ve made it with knowledge and a discerning eye – its luxury.

To not mistake expensive for luxury, to make a knowledgeable and an individualistic choice of collecting the best in life is the new meaning of Luxury. I call it Authentic Luxe.

12 quotes about Authentic Luxe

In an environment when stylists and marketer’s are constantly telling us what to fill our closets, homes or lives with, I find these 12 quotes a great reminder of what it means to live with luxury on our own terms.

What’s your favourite quote on luxury life? I’d love to hear it… In the meanwhile wishing you a life full of exquisite beauty, refinement and true luxury.












Authentic Luxe


  1. “Luxury starts where functionality ends, and where the true value is personal. So it has no price or reason”. I found this quote very accurate and bright. Thank you for posting it.


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